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Toilet Repair Service

When you have a problem with your toilet, you want it resolved quickly. We are experienced in fast and expert toilet repair and toilet replacement. We will quickly take care of even the most difficult toilet problems. From drain cleaning to leak detection and repair, our qualified experts do it all and our toilet installation services are available on virtually any san antonio

We don’t want you to have to be inconvenienced, and we don’t want you to have to deal with a mess. Let our toilet installation and repair experts handle all of the hard work while you relax. We guarantee you will be satisfied with all our work.

Toilet Repair Technicians

Although modern toilets are fairly simple in operation, if you don’t have any experience working with them, toilet repair can be frustrating. Our toilet installation and repair technicians understand the mechanics of toilets, so we’re able to provide fast repair services, maintenance, and more. Whether you’re dealing with a toilet that runs continuously, an overflowing toilet, a clogged toilet, or a toilet that isn’t receiving adequate water pressure, we have the tools and experience needed to resolve toilet problems.plumber san antonio

Do-It-Yourself Toilet Repair Tips

Always use a plunger and a drain snake to remove clogs before turning to chemicals.
Read the label on any drain cleaning chemicals you purchase. Most products are not designed to be used in toilets.
To remove water from your toilet bowl, turn off the main water supply and flush the toilet.
If you remove the toilet from the floor, you will need to apply a new wax seal when replacing the toilet.
If your toilet runs continuously, check the chain inside of the tank to make sure it isn’t caught.
Check the seal inside of the tank to ensure that it is properly seated over the drain.

To receive fast, affordable toilet repair and toilet replacement services, contact us today.

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