Drain Problems from Construction Defects

List of Drain Problems from Construction Defects includes:

1. No Drain Installed Near Foundation

If no drain is installed near your foundation or slab, natural water that appears near your home from time to time has no place to go. If water is allowed to collect and fester, a whole host of problems can arise, including water damage and mold.construction defects attorneys

2. Drain Installed, but No Outlet for Water

There are several accounts of faulty construction where there is a drain installed, but no outlet for water is provided. Installing a drain without an outlet is self-defeating, as the whole point of installing a drain is to provide an outlet for water to be removed from a threatening location.

3. Drain Installed Without Proper Gravel and Filter Fabric – Leading to Clogging

Unfortunately, a drain installed without proper gravel and filter fabric – leading to clogging, is an all-too-common construction defect. The filter fabric protects the drain from the debris that naturally flows with ground water, and too much debris getting into the drain will prevent it from working properly.

4. Drain Installed too High – Allowing Water Pressure to Build up Below the Drain

If you have a drain installed too high – allowing water pressure to build up below the drain, your home will inevitably suffer. Water pressure is an irresistible force, and if it’s allowed to build, eventually it will force its way into the nearest opening, even if reaching that opening requires the water to travel through parts that are there to protect your home.

If you’ve experienced any of these problems, you’re far from alone. However, “alone” is exactly how you should not proceed. Contact a licensed professional to examine your problem, and contact a construction defect attorney immediately.

5. No Foundation Drain

If your home is found to have no foundation drain, you have a serious problem. No foundation drain means that water that inevitably seeps into your basement or below has no place to go, and as it pools, the potential for water damage and mold increases.consumer law

6. No Gravel or Filter Fabric around Drain

If there is no gravel or filter fabric around the drain in your foundation, your home is unnecessarily exposed to pebbles and other materials causing completely unreasonable damage to your drainage system. Damage to your drain leads to the presence of water where it shouldn’t be, and that’s the very definition of a construction defect.

Overall, if you’ve experienced any of these serious issues, you need to get help immediately. You need to contact a licensed contractor to determine the cause of your issue and you need to contact a construction defect attorney immediately to protect your rights.

7. Improper Slope to Drain

A builder can do a soil analysis and then soil preparation based on the results of the analysis. At times the soil analysis is wrong or not done; consequently the soil is improperly prepared. Preparing the soil includes implementing a drainage system. If there is an improper slope to drain this could carry water towards the house and creating potential water issues.

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