San Antonio Water Filtration Systems

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Water Filtration Systems

In order to get truly clean water throughout your home, you need a water filtration system. It’s important that the water you drink is clean, but if you’re receiving your water from your home’s tap, you may be ingesting harmful chemicals, additives, and bacteria.

Plumbing services - Water filters
Water purification filter with activated charcoal and other filter substrates

Filtered water is not only healthy, it tastes and looks better as well. Instead of spending money on bottled water and cluttering up your local landfill with plastic, you could be enjoying the same level of filtration right from your faucet. Additionally, our water filtration systems can filter the water throughout your entire house, so you’ll be able to enjoy crisp, clean water from any faucet.

Water Filtration Installation
The water filtration systems provided by our plumbing team get rid of impurities at the source. This means that, before tap water ever reaches your plumbing system, it will be put through a series of filters, and you won’t have to do anything except turn on your faucet and enjoy the results.

We can install our water filtration systems quickly, and they are small enough to fit in virtually any space. You won’t have to worry about a bulky water filtration system getting in your way, and you’ll always have easy access to your water filters. Best of all, we back all of our work and your satisfaction with our guarantee.

What Filters Remove

Below are some of the potentially harmful elements our whole house water filtration systems remove:


Our Professional Plumbers

When you contact us to have a whole house water filtration system installed, you’ll receive service from professional plumbers who care. We get to know our customers on an individual basis because we want to find out what’s important to you. We understand that each home and each family is different, so our team listens to your concerns and is always ready to provide you with all available water filtration system options. Additionally, we drug screen and background check our plumbers to provide our customers with peace of mind.Plumbing services

To learn how you can have a water filtration system or a reverse osmosis filtration system installed in your home, contact us today.

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Plumbing San Antonio – Toilet Repair Service

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Toilet Repair Service

When you have a problem with your toilet, you want it resolved quickly. We are experienced in fast and expert toilet repair and toilet replacement. We will quickly take care of even the most difficult toilet problems. From drain cleaning to leak detection and repair, our qualified experts do it all and our toilet installation services are available on virtually any san antonio

We don’t want you to have to be inconvenienced, and we don’t want you to have to deal with a mess. Let our toilet installation and repair experts handle all of the hard work while you relax. We guarantee you will be satisfied with all our work.

Toilet Repair Technicians

Although modern toilets are fairly simple in operation, if you don’t have any experience working with them, toilet repair can be frustrating. Our toilet installation and repair technicians understand the mechanics of toilets, so we’re able to provide fast repair services, maintenance, and more. Whether you’re dealing with a toilet that runs continuously, an overflowing toilet, a clogged toilet, or a toilet that isn’t receiving adequate water pressure, we have the tools and experience needed to resolve toilet problems.plumber san antonio

Do-It-Yourself Toilet Repair Tips

Always use a plunger and a drain snake to remove clogs before turning to chemicals.
Read the label on any drain cleaning chemicals you purchase. Most products are not designed to be used in toilets.
To remove water from your toilet bowl, turn off the main water supply and flush the toilet.
If you remove the toilet from the floor, you will need to apply a new wax seal when replacing the toilet.
If your toilet runs continuously, check the chain inside of the tank to make sure it isn’t caught.
Check the seal inside of the tank to ensure that it is properly seated over the drain.

To receive fast, affordable toilet repair and toilet replacement services, contact us today.

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Ant Control – Exterminator Services

There are numerous ant species that can become pests. For the most part, it’s not necessary to know the specific species of ant you’re facing in order to effectively treat them. The exception to this is fire ants and carpenter ants, which we will address within a separate article.

First, know that ants are willing to travel surprising distances for food and water. The ants you see in your home probably have their nests outside. There are plenty of exceptions to this, but it’s a good general rule of thumb. Also, when you’re battling ants, keep in mind you have to destroy the colony, not just the ants that you see foraging. If all you kill are foragers, the colony will produce more foragers and keep sending more.Ant Control

When dealing with an ant problem, our first step is prevention. Even if you have a troublesome ant problem already, you should be following the preventive measures. Preventive measures alone will go a long way to reducing the ant population you see, and it will make those efforts you take to deal with an ant problem much more effective. If you haven’t read our preventive articles, do that now, then return to this article. Those preventive articles detail the importance of keeping your house clean and preventive measures you can take to limit successful foraging.

In your home, ants are looking primarily for food and water. If you were able to kill every ant you saw enter your home, they’d still keep coming, because it nest itself is your target, not the individual foragers. Preventive steps are aimed at limiting foragers from identifying your home as a prime source of food and water then relaying that information to their nest. Once you’re seeing large numbers of ants inside, it’s too late – the nest is well aware of your home.

Once the nest knows how to enter your home and wherein it to find food, it may seem counter-intuitive, but killing those foragers can sometimes be counterproductive. You need to destroy the nest to stop the problem. Unfortunately, you don’t know where the nest is, but those foraging ants do. That’s why effective chemical control of ants always emphasizes bait over contact poison. You don’t want to kill the foragers immediately. You want the foragers to take the poison down into their nest for you before they die.

For bait to be most effective, it needs to be placed close to the nest or along a well-traveled ant trail. Other known sources of food have to be eliminated to make the bait their primary source of food. So, in practical step-by-step terms, what does that mean….pest control - ants

Bait Along a Well-Traveled Ant Trail

Steps to dealing with an ant problem:

(Skip this step if you don’t have a well-traveled ant trail in your home) Place bait on the ant trail itself as close to the beginning of the trail as you can find.
Get your house clean. As part of this step, consider your house plants. Plants that are over-watered can provide water for ants. Plants that have aphids can provide a preferred food source for ants.
Seal any obvious entryways for ants (e.g., cracks, gaps under doors or windows, etc.)
Trim trees and bushes so they’re making no direct contact to your home
Place a repellent barrier around your home
Bait your yard.

There are plenty of effective commercial available ant baits. Most will use a small amount of poison, like boric acid, as an active ingredient with something like sugar water to make it attractive to the ants. Different species of ants prefer different foods, and those food preferences can change with seasons. So some experimentation with the type of bait may be required (e.g., sweet, fats, proteins).

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